The newest Turkish application is coming to world; Quickload will be a signature in the worldwide

Kenan Ercetingoz

He came to Miami with 600$ and now he has 100 juggernauts!

Ozan Baran, 41, is from Iskenderun.

You may know him from journals of the society – marriage with Sureyya Yalcin. Actually he is the owner of BOS transformation company and he is first Turkish harbour chief in Miami for 3 years. Baran is proud of being a harbor chief and hanging Turkish flag in Miami!

He came to Miami 17 years ago with 600$ and now he has 100 trailer trucks and 170 american employees.

He was a businessman who worked in trailer track company in Cyprus, Istanbul and Mersin when he was 18. Unfortunately he went bankrupt – because of one of bank manager!

After bankruptcy, Ozan Baran moved to his sister in Miami with 600 dollars. After making money with several jobs, he bought only one juggernauts for himself.

He never forgot previous bankrupt and having been badly let down. He learned lessons from what he lived in Turkey! He worked more and more. He always knows succes takes sweat, determination and hard work and he founded Bos Warehouse then Bos Transport, Bos Cargo and Bos Business Center.

Young businessman collected his all companies under the BOS Group in the early years of marriage – he calls his wife “My lucky angel”. Now his biggest project Quickload is in action.

With Quickload which is Uber’s truck and transportation version, companies can make major transport with mobile phones.

Ozan Baran, who believes and gives great importance to this work, has transferred the best manager of Uber company, the manager who set up the Yahoo mail and the technical manager of HBO.

In the meantime, Ozan Baran, who also founded his own technological company, opened Quickload for trial purposes. Quickload will be available in the USA soon. Later it will come into play in Europe and Turkey.

Many investor companies are already wanted to become a partner of Quicload.

You can check the company which is selected best by the 300 truck drivers from and app application.

A Turkish company will sign this important project with Quickload application very soon.