Miami Spice

Sima Kohen

It is that time of the year again! Many of you loves to try out different foodat different restaurants, but sometimes they are over the budget! As much as you want to go try out every new restaurant out there, sometimes they are so pricey that you prefer to skip it. However with Miami Spice you get to go to almost all the fancy restaurants at a very reasonable price.
Here is how it works; There is no membership or sign-up required to enjoy Miami Spice. Simply visit the individual webpage of the restaurant you want to visit and make sure to check the days of the week that the restaurant offers Miami Spice lunch/brunch or dinner. Reservations are strongly recommended. The gimmick is sometimes those fancy restaurants that you want to try out does not include weekends, as they would like to fill in their weekdays. Believe me that’s still worth it. Why? If I know I can’t make it to that restaurant with normal menu as it is above my budget now I can at least try it with a pre-set menu for me. So I don’t mind if I have to go in the weekdays. Got it ?
During August 1 – September 30, restaurants offer three-course meals featuring signature dishes created by world-renowned chefs at reduced prices: Lunch/Brunch $23 and Dinner $39.
Here is a link for you where you can check if the restaurant you would like to try out is participating.

Here are some recommendations for you if you haven’t tried out these restaurants yet they are my favorites:

Juvia Miami

Cantina Laveinte



Nobu Miami

Nikki Beach Miami

River Yacht Club

The Bazaar by José Andres


Villa Azur