A Remarkable Night Of gecce.miami At River Yacht Club Celebrating The Republican Day Of Turkey


As expected it was a remarkable, unbelievable night at River Yacht Club last night. CEO of gecce.miami Kenan Erçetingoz nailed it again as he does in Turkey with gecce.com. Presenter Handan Güçyılmaz and Kenan Erçetingoz were both very elegant on stage.This was even the first time that a Turkish Flag was displayed on Miami Municipality Building.
It was a magnificent night with celebrities from Turkey celebrating the National Republican Day Of Turkey. It was also the grand opening of gecce.miami the entertainment internet site that you need to stay tuned to catch up news from the fine dining and wining and latest entertainment news in Miami. The venue River Yacht Club was packed with so many beautiful people.

We were so proud to host our guests of highly qualifed and brilliant Turkish community along with our Miami Consul General Özgür Kıvanç Altan.
It was a night to be remembered for a long time probably until the next one. Erkan Petekkaya, Sinan Akçıl, Ozan Dogulu, Arto and Ece Seçkin were all jamming with the guests all night long. Sinan Akçıl's stage performance was terrific. Ece Seçkin and Ozan Dogulu stirred up the crowd all night long and Arto amused each and every guest throughout the party.
It was worth all the time,effort and preparations for the last couple of months and the night ended with the biggest smile on everyone's faces. All the guests have shared their gratitude saying this was the most sterling Turkish event that has ever been done in Miami.