Gecce Venue Oscars!


On May 24, “16th Gecce Venue Oscars” is getting ready to break new ground!

This year “Gecce Venue Oscars” will be celebrating its 16th birthday with you after a glorious past of 15 years. As always, it will be surprising, unpredictable, enviable and will of course be long discussed.

It is indeed hard to make it such a successful ‘trend-topic’ event that gets everyone envious, curious, shocked and ‘wow’ed every year repeatedly.

But, our years of experience, standing in this sector, efforts not to burry our heads in the sand and keep up with the new technology instead and of course, hard work brings together such success to us.

We may be referring to the same story constantly, but mind you, there are some stories which turn into legends. Gecce’s story is one legendary story.

In 2001, nobody ever thinks of creating and tabloid website, publishing a guide or giving awards to venues.

Who thought of it first?

Gul and Kenan Ercetingoz..

Only listening to their hearts and minds, without any support from media giants or anyone else, they followed their own way and created this sector.

At the very beginning, they created Turkey’s number one tabloid website, then, noting how much wine-dine sector is overlooked, they started publishing ‘guides’ to give that sector the credit they worth. They brought Turkey’s most famous gourmets together and established “Gecce Gourmet Board”.

These were not enough; Turkey’s luxurious magazine Best Luxe was created. Even then, still not enough, sector-leading columns were added to Lots of ideas and recommendations, each of ‘golden’ value, were offered and written.

While everyone was organizing magazine-prize ceremonies, Gecce did the unexpected and initiated the first-ever event in the sector with having celebrities to hand over “Gecce Venue Oscars”.

Later, numerous copy-cats evolved in the country. Nevertheless, those copycats made Gecce become more appreciated.

We had countless attendees in these ceremonies. Amazing shows, unbelievable events, surprises did add a magic touch each year. We have done lots...

Thus and so, here we are, celebrating 16th year.

Now, this year we are getting prepared to appear before you with an award ceremony which will leave its mark on 15-year-old past.

It is impossible to guess or dream of what we can do in the future with our latest favorite Gecce Miami and the other surprise of ours.

The only thing we are sure of is, after the award ceremony on 24 May, 2016, everyone will be saying “This is wow!”
This year there will be surprises for all. Totally new awarding system, surprising duets from surprising names, group of Turkey’s most elite invitees and more..

On May, 24. You will be amazed by the magic of glory.

We are satisfied and proud to fulfil our first mission, as being the only enterprise which gives the deserved credit to wine-dine sector.

Because, what we did, we did all for this sector.

Long live “Gecce Venue Oscars”!

Long live!