Gecce Venue Oscars Broke New Ground!


On May 24, Gecce Venue Oscars broke new ground in Istanbul.

For the first time, an overseas venue has received the special award at the Gecce Venue Oscars, Turkey’s most prestigious award ceremony. In the night which Turkey’s best 50 venues were awarded, Palmeiras Beach Club was also awarded the best venue in Miami.

Sami Kohen, owner of Palmeiras Beach Club who visited Turkey to attend this glorious ceremony, received the award from Kenan Ercetingoz and shared his joy with invitees.

On its 16th year, broke new ground and awarded a venue in Miami for the first time. Also, on this special event, new tabloid website Gecce.Miami was introduced to renowned invitees whom were its first readers as well. Gecce.Miami got the thumbs up!