Serdar Ortaç shook Miami last night!


What an amazing night! What an incredible crowd!
Serdar Ortac have touched all of our lives at one point sometime with joyful pop music and sometimes with slow music. Who would not get romantic with "Bilsem ki" right? Or who would not start dancing "Giybet, Asrin Hatasi"

He probably covered most of his songs from back in the days until now. We all made a little trip to our youth last night. ❤Thank You @serdarsortac.

Serdar Ortac Miami Concert was a truly first class organization where on March 2017 in New York he has exhibited performance which echoes still, where Serdar Ortaç has topped his performances on May 27, this time the most popular place River Yacht Club in Miami at the Vandutch Lounge for sold out event of 300 Turks plus some Latins, Russians and Israeli's in Miami.

River Yacht Club, operating partner , Sami Kohen stated that Serdar Ortac With some 20 million records sold across Turkey and Europe , Ortac is the undisputed star of Turkish pop. The one nicknamed « Black Pepper or KARA BIBERIM » gained celebrity status in Turkey and Europe with the single . His songs, woven into the rich and colorful tapestry of Turkish culture, contain a pop rhythm that creates a mesmerizing musical fusion, bringing together all aspects of the Mediterranean; the East meets the West with Serdar Ortac, to our greatest delight.
This exceptional Concert was possible with Sponsorship of Luxury Yacht brand VANDUTCH Americas and Spero Real Estate Group and help of Turkish lifestyle media group Gecce and Gecce.Miami's CEO of Kenan Ercetingoz who travel from Istanbul to give his sport to Turkish Singer. DJ Kaan was spinning the Music while everyone has enjoyed the Songs of Serdar Ortac. Amongst the guest was Surreya Yalcin and Her Husband Ozan Baran, Turkish American Entrepreneur Engin Yesil, members of the Spero real Estate Group and Luxury Yacht Partner VANDUTCH where Serdar Ortac has arrived to Concert in Style with VANDUTCH 55

It was a night full of joy, emotions and dance🎶🎵🎶

Until next time bye for now👍

Sima Kohen